Beth McMullen is best known for the Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls trilogy, middle grade spy thrillers, packed with action and adventure.  She also writes the Sally Sin series for adult readers. Beth lives in Northern California with her husband, kids, cats and a very tolerant parakeet named Zeus. Follow her on Twitter at @bvam.

More About Me??


More About Me!

I grew up in a house with a black and white, twelve inch television that required a pair of pliers to turn the channel.   The picture was always a snowstorm of fuzz. If you could convince someone to stand on the roof (bribery!) and hold the antenna a certain way, you might catch a flash of an actual show. But you might not. And it was hard to find people willing to stand on the roof. Books were a safer bet and didn’t require bribes. I read ALL the time. Once I missed my subway stop and rode the train all the way to Brooklyn because the book I was reading was THAT good!

I still read a lot but now I also write books for adults and kids. My books have spies and bad guys and messy situations. I think they’re fun. And I hope you do too. (Find all titles here.)  I live in Northern California with my husband, two kids, two cats and a parakeet named Zeus, who is sick of the cats eyeballing him like he’s dinner.