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Beta Read & Critique

Beth McMullen offers expert beta reading and critique services, providing detailed feedback on plot, character development, and narrative flow. Her constructive, supportive approach helps writers refine their manuscripts, enhancing storytelling skills for both current and future projects.

Beta Reading

Beth McMullen's beta reading service provides valuable feedback on plot, character development, and narrative flow. With her expertise, she helps writers improve their manuscripts, ensuring a captivating and engaging story.

Critique Services

Beth McMullen's critique services offer in-depth analysis and constructive feedback to enhance your writing. She provides valuable insights on structure, pacing, and character development, helping you elevate your storytelling to the next level.

Manuscript Refinement

Beth McMullen specializes in refining manuscripts, offering guidance on plot, character arcs, and narrative coherence. Her meticulous approach ensures that your story resonates with readers, making it a compelling and memorable read.

WHY: For health reasons, sugar and I broke up. It was a terrible day. I’m an avid baker but upon reflection realized I don’t have the will power to resist deliciousness when it is right in front of my face. Maybe someday, but not today.


This leaves empty space in my universe and I’m a terrible knitter so here we are – side hustle.


WHAT: I’ve been marinating in books and writing for my entire life. I grew up without TV (TRUTH). I devour books. I was an English major and spent college analyzing books by old dudes, long dead (could have been more fun TBH).


I’ve published many novels (adult books, kid books) with Big 5 publishers.


AND I am ALWAYS reading manuscripts for author friends. I’m not a professional editor, or a book coach, and I’m not your girl for grammar (oh hell no) but I’m excellent at providing feedback that will make your book stronger, faster, better. Think of me as a high level friend you ask to beta read or critique your WIP who will give you practical, actionable feedback.


HOW: I’ll read. I’ll write up notes. We’ll Zoom and talk through them. I’ll turn over the notes. You’ll go off and be fabulous! Good? And if it helps, I will encourage you via WhatsApp. I’m all about accountability in my life and maybe you are too?


$: Email me for pricing details and what exactly you’ll get for your money. Please keep in mind that this is a side hustle and I have limited spots available. But as I’m just launching this, there are big incentives in the air!

Email for Pricing Details

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